Thousands of people will be on the edge of their seats while watching the BCS National Championship Game tonight. One man, who has a potential $50,000 gambling ticket from Vegas, may be a little farther on the edge of his seat than the rest of us.

One son's father went to Las Vegas last January on vacation. His son, Mark Skiba, who graduated from Auburn in 1998, called him and told him to place $100 on the Tigers to win the national title at 500-to-1 odds. 

"I told my dad to put $100 on it," Skiba told ESPN. "And he said, 'You're crazy.'" 

This isn't the first time Skiba put money on his alma mater. He also put $10 on the 2010 Auburn team to win it all at 100-to-1 odds. The Cam Newton-led team did just that. 

"The $1,000 I won paid for my ticket to the game," he said. 

He has the option to hedge the ticket and be guaranteed money, but he has decided to go in all or nothing. 

Why not? It takes luck to win a big bet like that, and this 2013-14 Auburn team happens to have a lot of luck. 

Just ask Georgia.