Remember Chris Davis' 109-yard return for the game-winning touchdown in the 2013 Iron Bowl over Alabama? Remember the flood of blue and orange fans storming the field to celebrate?

Somewhere in that sea of fans was the football Davis carried for the score. An Auburn ball boy found the ball and it is now being displayed at the university's athletic museum.

“We did get it back,” equipment manager Dana Marquez said in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. “It was presented to our athletic director.”

Brandon Steiner, founder of Steiner Sports Marketing, told Bloomberg the ball could be worth as much as $100,000 if the Tigers win the national championship and as much as $50,000 now.

College teams use their own footballs on offense or when they kick a field goal. Alabama kicker Adam Griffith's desperation boot at the end of the game was no different.

"I don't think [Alabama] would try to get the ball back," Associate Athletic Director Jeff Purinton told Bloomberg.

The fact it's an Alabama ball being displayed puts salt in the Tide's wounds. However, if Alabama were to recover the ball, it would certainly add gasoline to the fire of the rivalry if the ball were to be destroyed or misplaced.

Iron Bowl 2013, ladies and gentlemen. The drama continues.